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J Ennis Fabrics - Company, Wholesale distributors and Fabrics Suppliers company that distributes fabrics such as Car Accessories , 3M Decorative Designs , Sunbrella Fabrics , Drapery Hardwares and more in Canada and North America
Our Company

A market leader for over 35 years, J. Ennis Fabrics is committed to giving you the best experience.

Our products and services are distributed throughout North America from four extensive, full service distribution warehouses in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and Indianapolis.

Our showrooms showcase all of our latest products. Your next visit to one of our showrooms will be an unforgettable experience, as we offer the utmost customer service and an extensive library of fabric and supplies. You will be amazed by our exclusive textiles that hail from all over the world.

J. Ennis Fabrics offers an always increasing line of high quality products that will suit your every need. We review our line on a continual basis to ensure we have the newest trends and hottest looks.

Our products meet the highest standards for quality and are used in many environments.

Our Customer Service Centre agents and Sales Professionals are specially trained and knowledgeable on all of our products. They look forward to answering your inquiries on stock, pricing, delivery, product specifications and more! With our Bilingual Customer Service Centre, our agents are able to take your calls in English and French.

We've grown our company with the launch of Vision Fabrics. Vision Fabrics offers a luxurious collection of exclusive upholstery, bedding, and drapery fabrics sourced from around the world that will elevate the comfort and aesthetics of any environment. Vision Fabrics is revolutionizing the traditional fabric converting business into what customers have always wanted; excellent service and stocked fabrics.

Vision Fabrics is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional upholstery fabric converter, offering innovative fabric solutions to furniture, bedding and drapery manufacturers. A business model driven by the J. Ennis Fabrics vision to better serve its clientele and truly differentiate itself from the mainstream converting marketplace.

J. Ennis Fabrics and Vision Fabrics have everything for all your fabric and supply needs in one location.


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Mission Statement   

Each day, we strive to surpass the expectations of our customers and employees. We achieve this by being passionate about ways to contribute to our customers' success - being their partner, understanding their needs, being exceptionally reliable, and delivering the right products when needed.

Value Statement   

Being part of a winning team... fostering leadership at all levels, celebrating successes achieved through hard work and creating a vibrant, fun and disciplined environment. Our people know where they stand and thrive on being counted upon and counting on each other.

Honorability, being worthy of our partners, and our J. Ennis Fabrics team's trust, keeping our promises and always seeking to do the right thing.

Focus and agility... being proactive, keen and ready to take advantage of new opportunities and ways of doing things. Learning and adapting quickly to the markets as they change.

Rich communication... with our partners, and with our team, we communicate in a spirit of openness. Listening carefully, always striving to be accurate, measuring and sharing results, and communicating in a way that's organized, meaningful and relevant to our audience.

Our reputation... built over years of listening, adapting, caring and hard work. We honor our history and value our future by always being recognized as a company which sets new standards and lives by our word, such that partners trust and invite us to opportunities.

J Ennis Fabrics - Company services span across North America